Dear future mom of a teenage boy,

Be strong! There will be days when you lose it and chase him around the house with a spatula. What you do with it when you catch him hasn’t crossed your mind. Until…, he grabs the spatula and starts chasing you with it. All 6’2″ of him. You will both laugh and wrestle each other for control of the said “dreaded spatula”. Then you will end up making rice Krispy treats together and he’ll help you spread out the rest of the beauty bark you got for the flower beds. Believe it or not, he won’t complain. He even hoses out the truck when you’re both done. You’ll finish up the day rubbing his feet, which he will love by the way, and you’ll wonder quietly to yourself how he got so big and grown up?



Proud but exasperated mom



What do you think?

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