How To Lose 3 Pounds In 3 Hours Stocking A Warehouse

  1. Make sure you’re well hydrated. Your forklift driver supplies you with rock star energy drinks because he’s swell.
  2. Begin stocking the cereal aisle like usual.
  3. Move 9 pallets to different locations. Your pallet jack breaks while moving a full pallet of raspberry jam. In your attempt to fix it you break it and it spills all it’s hydraulic fluid on the floor.
  4. Spend 20 minutes cleaning up the spill and disposing of the jack.
  5. Gang stock the freezer. Your section happens to be the frozen chicken.  Each  box weighs at least 40-60 pounds give or take. You will move 10 of those. Should I say “wrestle?”
  6. Finish stocking random frozen stuff. Your fingers lose feeling even though you are wearing gloves.
  7. Back to cereal and you decide to go to lunch because you are a bit overwhelmed and need a break.
  8. You are told you have 4-5 moves in the candy aisle with gummy bears needing stocked. Each box weighs at least 20 pounds or so.
  9. Crazily finish the cereal and move to candy. You can’t forget the split board of cocoa!
  10. You are done! Drenched in sweat. Ready to pass out. Strangely you feel exhilarated because you realize that you have the best job in the world! Plus you get paid to work out! Awesome!

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