Love Letters From Mom


Dear Scott,

Over the years I’ve written you and your sister what I call “Love Letters From Mom”. I keep them in a binder for each of you and write about special moments or milestones or just because I want you to know I was thinking about you that day. I’m adding this one to your binder.

You start high school tomorrow. Gone are the days of pictures in front of your classroom with your new backpack and toothless grin on the first day. I won’t even be home in the morning to wake you up 😦

I haven’t always been the best mom but you are perfect to me in every way.

Some teachers will love how friendly and personable you are. Others may say you are a bit “too social”. If you go into acting class your quick wit and good looks will stand out. Debate would be a great area of focus since you love to argue the life out of anything or anyone who will listen.

Shop classes of any kind is truly where I believe you will shine. God gave you a gift to work with your hands and know how things should go together.

I love you Scott. I’m proud of you.

Have a great first day of high school.

Love, Mom


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