My Best (48 hour) Day

Well, I should say yesterday AND today, but my best day goes a little something like this…

Spending the afternoon with my husband in our boat just floating on the lake. We pushed each other in and laughed like kids. We talked about work, the kids, and the struggles we are facing. His struggles at work are much more complicated and exhausting than I will EVER face. But we mostly just TALKED. It was so nice. Anything and everything. I think we must have been out there for like 4 hours. I’m not sure we’ve ever talked that much in our whole marriage. At least hours consecutive. Ha Ha. I’ve never felt closer, more valued, or treasured by another human being. My mom would argue I’m sure but it’s different. Sorry mom.

Today…he took me shopping at my favorite stores in the mall. HOLY COW!! I bought two pairs of jeans at a store that sells jeans for the price of a small digital camera. He didn’t complain. I even returned an item of clothing that SHOULD NOT have had the malfunction that it decided to have when I was wearing it. Especially at that price! They replaced it AND gave me 5 bucks back.

My Best Day may not be that exciting to some but to me it was perfect.


One very blessed woman


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