Rise In Revolution


If you haven’t heard of the band Skillet, you need to check them out. They have a song called Rise. Listening to the words on my way home from work I started to think about my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and in a much broader sense as a US citizen. Today is voting day. I’m really just sick of the whole political realm to be completely frank but now is not a time to be apathetic. If you want change in any area of your life you have to rise up and do something about it. Honestly, I hate change. The unknown scares me. What if I can’t do it? What if I fail?

After I had my son in 98 I went through a horrible period of depression and since then have battled with depression and bipolar disorder. It is so hard for me to be upfront with this because there is such a huge stigma attached to mental illness. The only way to change that though is to talk about it and make people aware that it’s not all in your head. I have good days and some pretty bad ones but God gets me through it and for that I’m so grateful.

As a teenager I battled with eating disorders. Truthfully, I still struggle with them. When you have bad habits of coping with life’s challenges they are very hard to break. So…I think it’s time for a revolution. If I want to see change then I have to do something about it. Novel concept!

Here is where I may lose you. I’m ok with that. The real change we need comes from the heart. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 17. All that means is I was tired of running the show and wanted God to have a bit more say in what I was doing with my life. Lots of people don’t realize they need God until they hit rock bottom and have no where to go. I was one of those.

Here I am over 20 years later and I still foul up and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Only he is. I believe to truly make lasting change your heart needs to change. So…where do you stand with God? No judgments from me for sure no matter how you answer. I don’t know everything and sure as heck don’t claim to. All I know is that once you stop living for you, yourself, and I your life will improve.

I’m going to vote today from my heart. I’m going to eat and drink that which brings honor to God and not sweat the small stuff (like extra calories from that pizza I had at lunch). I’m going to make my home a haven for my family when they come home after a long day. Change is good so rise up with me won’t you?


2 thoughts on “Rise In Revolution

  1. Way to go Airi! You are such a strong woman in God. May you be blessed ten fold for the strength and courage you show daily. Thank you for sharing.

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