NID…or MB…or WII?

Wow what a week. I digress from my crochet exploits and dive into the glob of goo that is my brain this week. I am training in the membership department at work (Costco) and I’m fried. So many codes and abbreviations that after awhile I just start typing in random shit to see what happens. I figure it will get easier as time goes on but today happened to be a day that I felt semi retarded and….yah it didn’t get any easier. After stocking food all morning and then switching gears to manage accounts, it gets interesting. Factor in that I get up at 2:30 am everyday to go to work and that should give you an idea of why these probably trivial codes give me so much of a headache. I do love the variety of where I work but I think I must start doing yoga or some sort of brain enhancing activity before switching departments. Couldn’t hurt right? It’s already past my bedtime so good night fellow bloggers. 🙂


What do you think?

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