NID…or MB…or WII?

Wow what a week. I digress from my crochet exploits and dive into the glob of goo that is my brain this week. I am training in the membership department at work (Costco) and I’m fried. So many codes and abbreviations that after awhile I just start typing in random shit to see what happens. I figure it will get easier as time goes on but today happened to be a day that I felt semi retarded and….yah it didn’t get any easier. After stocking food all morning and then switching gears to manage accounts, it gets interesting. Factor in that I get up at 2:30 am everyday to go to work and that should give you an idea of why these probably trivial codes give me so much of a headache. I do love the variety of where I work but I think I must start doing yoga or some sort of brain enhancing activity before switching departments. Couldn’t hurt right? It’s already past my bedtime so good night fellow bloggers. 🙂




Ok…maybe with a little tugging and smooshing it doesn’t look so retarded but it’s still not my style. I used the wrong hook size and probably the wrong type of yarn. Know your tools! I’m almost done with an updated version that I may actually wear out in public. Ha!

All things crochet

AAAADAZZYwUAAAAAAeDTMQWell, I changed the title to my blog and it’s theme. I got bored with the old one. I’ve made a lot of crochet stuff lately and I thought it would be fun to go a different direction. My blog title might offend certain people but yah know… life is too short to worry about what other people think. I think it’s catchy and will go along with my etsy store “bitchin stitchin” and honestly I can be a bitch sometimes. Ha Ha. I’m working on creating a website to sell some of my crochet items. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I love the challenge of working through a pattern that makes absolutely no sense one day and then you go back to it and finally figure out what the author meant. Patience, patience, patience. I’m just about to finish up a slouchy beanie that I started a few days ago. I tore the thing apart twice thinking I made a mistake in the stitch count. Turns out I had it right all along. Stupid OCD!

Rise In Revolution


If you haven’t heard of the band Skillet, you need to check them out. They have a song called Rise. Listening to the words on my way home from work I started to think about my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and in a much broader sense as a US citizen. Today is voting day. I’m really just sick of the whole political realm to be completely frank but now is not a time to be apathetic. If you want change in any area of your life you have to rise up and do something about it. Honestly, I hate change. The unknown scares me. What if I can’t do it? What if I fail?

After I had my son in 98 I went through a horrible period of depression and since then have battled with depression and bipolar disorder. It is so hard for me to be upfront with this because there is such a huge stigma attached to mental illness. The only way to change that though is to talk about it and make people aware that it’s not all in your head. I have good days and some pretty bad ones but God gets me through it and for that I’m so grateful.

As a teenager I battled with eating disorders. Truthfully, I still struggle with them. When you have bad habits of coping with life’s challenges they are very hard to break. So…I think it’s time for a revolution. If I want to see change then I have to do something about it. Novel concept!

Here is where I may lose you. I’m ok with that. The real change we need comes from the heart. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 17. All that means is I was tired of running the show and wanted God to have a bit more say in what I was doing with my life. Lots of people don’t realize they need God until they hit rock bottom and have no where to go. I was one of those.

Here I am over 20 years later and I still foul up and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Only he is. I believe to truly make lasting change your heart needs to change. So…where do you stand with God? No judgments from me for sure no matter how you answer. I don’t know everything and sure as heck don’t claim to. All I know is that once you stop living for you, yourself, and I your life will improve.

I’m going to vote today from my heart. I’m going to eat and drink that which brings honor to God and not sweat the small stuff (like extra calories from that pizza I had at lunch). I’m going to make my home a haven for my family when they come home after a long day. Change is good so rise up with me won’t you?


savannah's wrap

Today is a day of crochet. My only day off this week and all I plan on doing is making hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making things for people. I battle with an anxiety disorder and for me crochet calms my nerves. It helps me focus and put that excess energy and worry into something productive. It also requires patience. Patience is learned. It doesn’t come without trial and error. I’ve gotten almost all the way through a project and had to tear it all apart because of a mistake that just got bigger and bigger ruining the whole project. Life is like that sometimes. Little mistakes become bigger and bigger issues. Rather than ignoring them and pretending they’ll go away I have to face them and deal with what is wrong. The finished project always comes out better and stronger.

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter


My daughter Savannah turns 18 today and I truly can’t believe how time flies. I am so proud of her and how hard she works at everything she does. Seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time. I’ll keep this short and sweet since I have lots to do before she gets home from school. Children are a gift and a blessing from God. I love you Savannah!

You Are My Sunshine


Like rays of sunshine she breaks through the clouds and casts her warmth over the hills

When all is dark and gloomy you will find her preparing the best colors to splash across your sky

Life burns brighter when she is near

As fog rolls in and settles in my soul her light shines bright and warms all the places that are cold and grey

Like a ray of hope she beams forth hues of magnificent color

All who know her never lack for peace

She is my sunshine

My beautiful sunshine

Getting away…


Life gets so busy. My husband and I were able to get away and just be. The weather was gorgeous and I felt so blessed. There have been some really difficult times this past year but when I spend time in nature I’m reminded of how much God loves me. He has created such beauty if you only look.

Life isn’t perfect. I had a headache that lasted two days and I felt so sick. My poor husband couldn’t sleep. We didn’t get to ride that trail we wanted to but we did spend some quality time together and that was a gift.

We have to take the good with the bad. Our truck broke down. We were miles from home. To make the best of the situation we set up lawn chairs, ate peanuts, and laughed a lot.

Make the best of every situation and remember to get away from life once in awhile. It’s there that you discover the little things  and how important they really are. You just have to look.