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The Guardian


There is a guardian who goes unseen

He spends his time watching over me

warrior angel

He takes his watch at the beginning of night

With his sword at the ready until first light

No harm befalls me with him at my side

He is the eyes and ears of the creator of life

Date Night


If I could give any married couple advice it would be the importance of date nights. We didn’t used to do it when the kids were small but now that they are older and more independent we try and get out regularly. If you don’t invest in your spouse you’re not doing your kids any favors. All your energy is spent raising them when you’re younger and if you don’t take the time to make your husband/wife a priority then how will your children know what a relationship looks like? What will you have left over when your children are gone and it’s just the two of you again?

We went to a concert last night and had a ball. Only the 2nd time I’ve ever set foot in a casino. Those places freak me out a little. I ran into some friends from work and we chatted a bit. Just a great evening! I’ve been married for 21 years to the same man and I love him more now then when we were first married. Is it always easy? No.

Love is an action not a feeling. Feelings fade. If I’ve learned one thing in this life it’s that you can’t live off your feelings. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Go out on dates. Be silly. Be daring. Surprise each other often. Keep it fresh and lively. I thank God for my husband. He gets me. He’s saved me many times. He dotes on me. He buys me diet Pepsi’s out of the blue because he knows they are my favorite. He holds my hair back when I’m sick and takes care of me. He adores me. How blessed am I? I’d say to the moon and back!

*note we did not plan on matching for our date 🙂

Beauty From Ashes


Dull, cold, shapeless

Immense heat, the refiner’s fire

Dross lifted, poured out



Dry, leathery, devoid of color

Sleeping, waiting


Breaking thru

Spellbinding color

Supple and fresh

Dazzling spectacle


A prisoner, shackled

Darkness, dread

Shameful regret

Silent screaming

Arms wide open

Listening, waiting

Running towards rest

Breathe of life

Beauty from ashes


When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get A Poptart


We all face new challenges everyday. What challenges one may seem easy to another. I’m definitely in the midst of a learning curve at work presently. I truly just want to crawl back into my bed and hide but that’s not how I was raised. Keep at it is how I roll. So, as I write this little blurb I’m munching on a few pop tarts trying to comfort my “overwhelmed self”. Am I the only person who when stressed out wants to go for a run? A long hard run. There are worse things I suppose.

Here’s to change and the growth that comes with it. As you face your own challenges remember that there are others out there reaching for that pop tart and contemplating building a blanket fort and closing themselves off in their room. Just kidding 🙂

My Best (48 hour) Day

Well, I should say yesterday AND today, but my best day goes a little something like this…

Spending the afternoon with my husband in our boat just floating on the lake. We pushed each other in and laughed like kids. We talked about work, the kids, and the struggles we are facing. His struggles at work are much more complicated and exhausting than I will EVER face. But we mostly just TALKED. It was so nice. Anything and everything. I think we must have been out there for like 4 hours. I’m not sure we’ve ever talked that much in our whole marriage. At least hours consecutive. Ha Ha. I’ve never felt closer, more valued, or treasured by another human being. My mom would argue I’m sure but it’s different. Sorry mom.

Today…he took me shopping at my favorite stores in the mall. HOLY COW!! I bought two pairs of jeans at a store that sells jeans for the price of a small digital camera. He didn’t complain. I even returned an item of clothing that SHOULD NOT have had the malfunction that it decided to have when I was wearing it. Especially at that price! They replaced it AND gave me 5 bucks back.

My Best Day may not be that exciting to some but to me it was perfect.


One very blessed woman

Comparison Kills Contentment

We all do it.

We compare our insides to other people’s outsides.

We size ourselves up to other people and we either come out looking better than they do or we come out looking worse than they do.

Our insecurities drive this unfair kind of comparison and the whole skewed process doesn’t serve us well at all.


162361841Because when we compare, we kill contentment in our lives. Hearts at Home author and speaker, Karen Ehman, defines contentment as “not having everything you want, but rather wanting nothing more than what you already have.”

It’s time for us to stop comparing. Stop feeling better than or less than other people. It’s time to stop thinking that the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, because honestly there are just as many weeds over there….you just can’t see them from your vantage point right now.

Where are you struggling with contentment?  Your marriage? Your house? Your in-laws? Your finances? Your car? Your job?

Is it because you’re comparing in any way?


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Love Letters From Mom


Dear Scott,

Over the years I’ve written you and your sister what I call “Love Letters From Mom”. I keep them in a binder for each of you and write about special moments or milestones or just because I want you to know I was thinking about you that day. I’m adding this one to your binder.

You start high school tomorrow. Gone are the days of pictures in front of your classroom with your new backpack and toothless grin on the first day. I won’t even be home in the morning to wake you up 😦

I haven’t always been the best mom but you are perfect to me in every way.

Some teachers will love how friendly and personable you are. Others may say you are a bit “too social”. If you go into acting class your quick wit and good looks will stand out. Debate would be a great area of focus since you love to argue the life out of anything or anyone who will listen.

Shop classes of any kind is truly where I believe you will shine. God gave you a gift to work with your hands and know how things should go together.

I love you Scott. I’m proud of you.

Have a great first day of high school.

Love, Mom